Practice Areas

The Smart Law Firm offers a vast array of legal services depending on your specific needs.  While primarily focused on Criminal Law and Family Law, we commonly assist our clients with Juvenile Law, Wills, and Personal Injury.

Criminal Law

Have you recently been arrested?  Please contact us immediately and never settle any charge without the aid of an experienced Criminal Law Attorney.  The Smart Law Firm has experience dealing with all types of criminal charges, such as:

Felonies                                     Probation Revocations                   

Family Violence                     Misdemeanors                   

Assault                                      Burglary

Possession of Drugs           Illegal Weapons                                   

Criminal Record                    Expungements

DWI                                             License Suspensions                       

Theft                                          Citations 

The Smart Law Firm maintains an excellent working relationship with both the County Attorney and District Attorney of Travis and Williamson County.  This allows our clients the benefits of plea bargains, fair trials before the court, and the maximum amount of leniency available for every criminal matter.

Family Law

The Smart Law Firm understands that every individual experiencing any type of Family Law matter deserves an open ear and honest advice.  Each of our clients’ needs are addressed on an individual basis, and no two are ever the same.  The Smart Law Firm places our clients’ interest first and will set clearly marked goals for all legal proceedings.  Our Philosophy in the Smart Law Firm in dealing with any Family Law proceeding is “Family First.”  We will protect the rights of your family, period.  The Smart Law Firm has experience in dealing with all types of Family Law matters, such as:

Divorce                                    Modification and Enforcement                  

Adoption                                 Child Custody                   

Terminating                           Parental Rights                        

Grandparents Rights        Child Support                    

Community Property        Paternity

CPS Child Abuse                 Alimony and Spousal Maintenance